“How to Close Deals in One Powerful First Conversation” – Course

Learn my proven system for closing deals in one conversation. If I could go back 20 years and share one thing with myself – this would be it!

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“How to Sell Insurance OUTSIDE of Price or Value Pitch” – Book

The bestselling book that shares the roadmap for winning the hearts, minds, and business of your ideal client – all outside of price.

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“How Any Newbie Agent Can DOMINATE In Their First 30 Days” – Course

A step-by-step blueprint including in-depth no-fluff lessons that will catapult any new agent into really solid habits and production levels.

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If you want to learn how to sell insurance, your options are limited – and most of them lead you to absolute failure.

The big carrier schools are expensive and just dump trainloads of mostly non-actionable information all over you – enough to leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about what you should actually DO right now to put enough numbers down to stay in the business.

Then, there is the ever-growing army of self-proclaimed gurus – most of which have never sold a policy. Sadly, many of them took a high-priced course on “How-To-Get-Rich-Selling-Info,” and decided to specialize in the insurance industry with no clue as to what it really takes to win. The result? High prices for garbage.

As a true industry insider, veteran sales agent, experienced sales manager, and P&C agency owner – I believe you’ll find what I have to share with you to among the most relevant, actionable, and valuable information you’ll find.

Of course, school is never out for the pro. We should all stay humble enough to constantly seek new learning and understanding. As I do this, I’ll share what I learn with you. Subscribe to my email list and we can connect as real individuals (I don’t use automated emails much — it’s about genuine connection and conversation).

I look forward to connecting with you… -Ben

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