Born and raised in the Northwest, I love to get out and travel. This is my family (SuzyQ and our three kids) at one of our favorite places: Bear Lake (Idaho/Utah border) – otherwise known as the “Carribean of the Rockies.”

A bit about me…

I’m a guy that never stops experimenting – looking for a better way. This means I make a lot of mistakes – but I also run across things that work!

I’m also a guy that loves to share what I learn.

What about you?…

If you take selling insurance seriously, then in my book we’re family.

Please reach out and connect with me. I try to respond personally to everyone. Let me know what content you like, what questions you have, and the successes/challenges you’re experiencing now. Let’s stay in touch!

If you’re curious…

I’d rather learn about you… feels weird to share all of this stuff… but in the interest of being transparent so you can decide if I’m worth connecting with or not – here is a sampling of stuff you might find of interest.

Raised in the
’70s & ’80s

Cold-war, Atari, & BMX bikes

It’s hard to explain just how awesome the ’70s and ’80s were to the kids of today.

Always Had a Hussle Growing Up

Lawns, Restaurants & Farmwork

Back in the day, kids could work for their money. From 8 on, I was always doing something.

Grunge or Insurance?

Smells like Teen Spirit!

My Dad was a successful captive agent. He would hire me to clean his agency and make some calls. But what was the point? I’d rather work on growing my hair out.

Masterplan: Just Ski
Mid ’90s

Ski-bum, Love for Spanish is born

After high school, I pursued my dream of being a ski bum in Jackson, WY. I lived with a family of immigrants from El Salvador. They changed me forever.

Time to Get Serious
Late ’90s

Can I just study everything?

Just off a 2-year church thing to Puerto Rico, I was ready to do something big! I ended up majoring in Econ and Philosophy and really loved every minute of it.

Pizza or a Policy?

My insurance career begins…

Dad had just started his own independent agency. The idea of working with him and my brother sounded so fun, I just jumped in as a straight commissioned sales agent.


The love of my life marries me.

Suzy was born and raised in Napolean Dynomite’s house (a dairy in Preston, Idaho). She loves plants, travel, and her handful of people she lets into her circle of trust. I really love her.

1st Scratch Agency
2001 to 2008ish

My first scratch agency a success!

We moved and start a scratch agency near Boise, Idaho. Everyone said it wouldn’t work but it was (and still is) a mega-success (as my boy would say). This was so much work and so much fun! Sold it in 2008.

The Girls Arrive
2005 and 2007

Abby and Sophie are so fun!

Our daughters are so much fun! They are teens now who are totally into the ’80s and ’90s (I guess that’s in now). But also they work on music from the ’70s that their old man loves. I love it.

Commercial Sales

This is when I really learn to sell.

Having sold El Centro, I was looking for a project and decided to expand the commercial-lines presence of the family agency, Page Insurance. This was a challenging few years but it is a lot of fun and I’ve learned a ton. My brother and I now run the agency.

Scratch Agency 2.0

Introducing… El Gringaso!

I couldn’t resist the need to start another scratch agency – this time on the East side of Idaho. This time, I recruited my good friend, Jake Smith, also known as “El Gringaso” as a co-owner. It’s a very successful agency and I love working with my friend, Jake.

The Boy Arrives

Wyatt really adds to the fun!

Our family wouldn’t be the same without Wyatt. He is hilarious! Full of energy and enthusiasm he has a sense of humor that blows me away. Every day I wonder how much money he’d be making if he were on Youtube…

I Got Skinny

Getting skinny(ish) and running a half marathon was fun!

It was so fun to get skinny-ish and run a half marathon with Suzy. Thinking back, I really miss how great this made me feel. I mean, the running was always difficult but there is no greater feeling than that after-run high.

Then Fat

So much good food!

The day after running the half, I got back to my other loves in life: food, movies, and not running. Of course, this was a mistake from a “health and living a long-time” point of view. But it’s been fun too. Still, it’s time to turn it around.

Back to Basics Ben

It’s about helping others.

I get back to basics and recommit to using my businesses to serve others – It’s not just about clients but about benefiting the lives of those on my team. Page Agency grows, Confianza is born, and we expand in ways that are fun and rewarding to all.

Now, what am I working on?…

I feel the happiest when I’m involved in several projects at once – especially when I’m surrounded by smart and capable people. Fortunately for me, I’m now enjoying the best team I’ve ever been a part of in Page Insurance, Confianza Insurance, and the other smaller ventures I’m a part of. While I spend most of my professional time working on these companies, I try to carve out time to share with other agency owners and their agents what I’ve learned or am learning in my constant quest to find a better way…

Random Stuff I Like

Puerto Rico

I love, love, love … Puerto Rico.

Don’t just sit at a resort, get out and explore the island! Rent a Jeep and get off the beaten path. My love for P.R. started during a two-year stay where I got to live in a different part of the island every couple of months. That’s another story…

Binging on Netflix

The best 15 bucks a month – ever.

It might seem like a waste of time to some… but I LOVE a good show. The only thing better is experiencing the show with people I like being with. Luckily, SuzyQ and the kids have converted to binging too. So proud…

Music that Rocks

Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Metallica, Nirvana, Royal Blood, etc.

I like it all — but the heavy rock stuff is the best (especially the old-school stuff). My kids have embraced this stuff. Their favorite movie is School of Rock & they have their own little band. Awesome!

Standup Comedy

Jim Breuer is the most under-rated.

Stand-up is fascinating. I love comedy in all it’s forms – but especially appreciate the stand-ups. One of my favorite things to do is to visit “Wise Guys” near our home. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a big start or a nobody working to make it. I love it.


Yes! Listening is the new reading.

I’ve always been a bookworm. But with the advent of Audible and podcasts, my consumption of books has double or maybe tripled. Malcolm Gladwell is probably my favorite modern author. I love the classics too.

Meyers Briggs

It’s a language about preference.

Human behavior is fascinating. Right? Don’t let a personality profile limit what you think you (or others) can do. But do use it to talk about and explore the different preferences and ways of thinking among you and others.

Creating Stuff

Businesses, vacation plans, writing, videos, & more!

As much as I like consuming the content of others, I also really love creating things. Most of my adult life has been spent creating my lifestyle full of freedom. I’ve also created businesses and helped others do the same.

Pizza & Beer

Maybe there is a god…

I don’t know the answers to life’s biggest questions. Most days, I’m just happy to appreciate the journey and feel ok with the mystery of not knowing. Still, when I sit down for a Beer and Pizza, it almost makes me a believer.

Family & Friends

Nothing beats family and friends…

We all have highs and lows, right? I find the entire journey is always better if you have family and friends. Outside of Suzy and our kids, there are no greater people than my parents and brothers and sisters. I’ll love them forever.

Next Steps…

If you would like to connect, please sign up for my email list and send me a note while you’re at it. I read every one I get and try to respond.